to cross; spread; hand over, deliver; ferry; go overseas
Kanji 1636

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If you want to talk about crossing bridges, emigrating, people ranging in age from 18 to 25, possessing an heirloom for generations, a room that looks out onto the ocean, handing someone paper, extraditing criminals, advancing wages, or bouncing a check, you'll need the indispensable 渡! Find out about all these structures, as well as a deadly form of transit that some Japanese once used!

Revision history:

Mar. 22, 2024: p. 24: Changed "Echigo" to "Etchu." Also replaced the broken link in that caption.

Feb. 15, 2022: 

  • p. 2, Etymology Box: Updated the Henshall etymology.
  • p. 24: Added a link to the Kanshudo games.

Feb. 8, 2019: 

  • p. 2: Updated the Sears link.
  • p. 24: Edited the translation of the text in the sign, as well as the vocab. Also added an explanation of 谷から谷へ.

May 27, 2016: Made quite a few changes:

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  • p. 9: Changed the spelling of 皆 from みんな (a colloquial yomi) to みな (the official way of writing it).
  • p. 13: Changed the link for Konpira Shrine and slightly revised the definition of 渡り廊下.

June 21, 2014: Originally published.


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Cover of essay 1636 on 渡, titled "Crossing That Bridge When You Come to It"
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わた-る, わた-す
RADICAL氵 (85: water)