character, nature; build; design; handle
Kanji 1776

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This essay will help you grasp a kanji with a dizzying array of meanings. By reading about 柄, you'll learn how to say the following:

Her true character is starting to show.
I’m on good terms with him.
He seems familiar with the subject.
I want to talk with him about the matter.
His arrogance is no longer tolerable.
She swears by that brand.
She married him for his family name.
The red kills the whole pattern.
My son is tall for his age.

One kanji gives you all of this!

Revision History:

Feb. 18, 2022: Lots of changes! A complete overhaul, really!

  • p. 1, Character Profile: I had listed one Joyo kun-yomi as から, when it’s がら! Mea culpa! I fixed that in two places and deleted any sound-alikes for がら.
  • p. 2, Etymology Box: Updated the Henshall etymology and Sears link.
  • p. 2, main text: Deleted two sentences alluding to the former Henshall etymology.
  • p. 2, Sidebar 1: Clarified yomi matters.
  • p. 2: Revised the photo caption, eliminating an old etymological interpretation.
  • p. 3, Answers to Quick Quiz 1: Added a similar keyword.
  • p. 6: Added a sidebar to showcase a term with the Joyo kun-yomi え.
  • p. 6: Added a keyword to the photo caption.
  • p. 8: Added a link to the Kanshudo games.

Feb. 24, 2017: 

  • p. 1: Changed definitions in the look-likes and sound-alikes lists and added から to the latter list.
  • p. 7: Fixed a typo.
  • p. 9: Changed the definition of 差し上げます (さしあげます) to “we offer.”

Aug. 31, 2012: Added a photo to page 10. It's of a sign that includes 柄.


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がら, え
RADICAL木 (75: tree)