fear; scary; afraid
Kanji 1749

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Learn to talk about cowards, risks, and the politics of fear, as well as horror films and terrifyingly complex kanji! See how both the meanings and yomi of 怖 can provoke anxiety. Understand how 怖 and its near twin 恐 relate to each other. See what it means figuratively to be bitten by a snake and thus to fear a rotten rope. And find out about fears and phobias specific to the Japanese. 

Revision history:

Nov. 10, 2022: p. 11: Changed the definition of 咬む from “to snap and fatally bite” to “to bite” and deleted the subsequent paragraph.

Feb. 17, 2022: 

  • p. 2, Etymology Box: Updated the Henshall etymology and Sears link.
  • p. 7: A link to a Chiebukuro post was dead, so I replaced it with a link to a similar post and explained what the new one says.
  • p. 16: Added a link to the Kanshudo games.

May 8, 2015: Replaced the dead video link in the last line of p. 4.

Mar. 6, 2015: I added "sometimes" to this sentence about おそれ on p. 7: "This common word sometimes has more to do with risk than with fear."

Feb. 20, 2015:

  • Changed this bit of p. 7:
  • 恐れ or 畏れ or 虞 or 怖れ (おそれ: fear; risk; horror; anxiety; concern; uneasiness)
  • There should not be a れ after the 虞, so I removed it. It's an unexpected inconsistency among the おそれ words!

Mar. 28, 2014: Made several changes to p. 7 after writing essay 1167 on 恐 and thinking more deeply about the differences between these closely related kanji.

Mar. 7, 2014: Originally published.


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I wrote more about this kanji in the JOK Notebook post "Are You Scared or Scary?":

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