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Essay on 豆 (1640: bean; miniature) Is Now Up!

Essay 1640 on 豆 (bean; miniature) is now up and available for purchase! Here's a preview:

From edamame to natto to tofu, Japan abounds in bean dishes. Learn about the most popular beans in Japan (小豆 and 大豆!), one of which is even popular with foxes! Find out which piece of furniture 豆 used to represent, as well as alternate meanings of 豆. Also discover its role as a radical in kanji such as 頭 (head). Finally, learn a Japanese insult that involves tofu!

Also, I have posted a new version of essay 1552 on 沢 (marsh; plentiful) because I came across another good photo, which I've added to page 6. You'll find more details on the Character Home Page.


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