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Article on JOK is Out. So is Essay 1432 on 辛 (spicy; bitter).

A bit more news than usual today! David Jacobson of Chin Music Press (which publishes beautiful books about Japan) interviewed me about Joy o' Kanji and then wrote a terrific article and review! I'm very grateful to him!

Essay 1432 on 辛 (spicy; bitter; dry taste; salty; severe; painful) is now up and available for purchase! Here's a preview:

This essay will make your mouth and eyes water! You'll encounter words for "spicy," "salty," and "mustard," plus a regional dish with shiso leaves rolled around chili peppers. You’ll learn to order dry saké or vodka diluted with tomato juice. This essay even shows how to make kanji sandwiches with the 辛 radical. Good times! Oh, and it explores bitterness about life's hardships!

Note that this essay contains a link to the Character Home Page for essay 1093 on 甘 (sweet). Unfortunately, that essay won't appear for a week. Thank you for your patience!


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