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July 2014 Newsletter Out, Along with 4 New Games

The July newsletter is out, and among other things it announces the launch of a great new feature, Ulrike's Mnemonics.

This week, there are also four new games available to complement essays that I published awhile back:

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Essay 1380 on 遵 (to obey) Is Coming Next

Here's what you can expect soon on Joy o' Kanji:

July 31: 

July newsletter!

August 1: 

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Essay 1861 on 愉 (pleasant) Is Now Out!

The 131st essay has posted! Essay 1861 on 愉 (pleasant; joyful; pleased; enjoyable) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Find out how to say "He is not a cheerful guy, to say the...

JOK Notebook

Ain't No Use to Sit and Wonder Why

As kanji learners, we go to a great deal of trouble to recognize each character in a sentence, grasp which ones go together as words, figure out all the readings, and settle on the appropriate definitions. After one has done so much work, it comes as a shock to hear that one should just ignore particular words and not include them in translations. 

I come across that situation all...

JOK Notebook

All Turned Around

In writing the new essay 1840 on 岬 (cape, promontory, headland), I was surprised to find that for each of their main islands (and doubtless for many others), the Japanese have identified and named the four endpoints—the extremities to the north, east, south, and west. Notice how I sequenced those cardinal directions; I...