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Where Things Nest

Let's start with a quiz. What do you think the following term could mean?

病巣 (びょうそう)     illness + nest

a. arachnophobia
b. lesion
c. birth defect
d. schizophrenia

I'll block the answer with a preview of the...

What's New

July 2015 Newsletter Now Out

The July 2015 newsletter is now out, including gorgeous art from a new Kanji Kaimono vendor. Pupils (the ocular kind) play a role in one striking image and in the new contest. Enter to win 2 essays! Also find out the results of the last contest.


On Deck

Essay 2101 on 肘 (Elbow) Is Coming Next

Here's what you can expect in several weeks:

August 21: essay 2101 on 肘 (elbow) 

August 28: essay 2124 on 湧 (to well up, spring forth, gush out; be...

What's New

Now Out: Essay 2079 on 瞳 (Pupil (of Eye)), a Radical Note, and 4 Revisions

The 177th essay has posted! Essay 2079 on 瞳 (pupil (of eye); eye; iris (of eye)) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Find out why Japanese friends tease each other about their pupils. Learn how to...

JOK Notebook

What I Need to Know

Let's start with a quiz, but not the usual fanciful kind in which you needn't know anything beforehand. This is the opposite; it's about what I very much need to know. I'm talking about two constructions with multiple yomi:

• the suffix -中, which one can read as -ちゅう or -じゅう
• the verb 開く (to open), which one can read as あく or ひらく

When does...