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November 2015 Newsletter Now Out!

The November newsletter is now out, introducing a novel that's sure to intrigue kanji lovers. The newsletter also features three beautiful photos from a snowy temple in the mountains. Enter the new contest (which is about cuckoos!) to win two essays! Also find out the results of the last contest...

JOK Notebook

A Trio of Surprises

Today I bring you a grab bag of recent surprises.

Conveying Contempt

Two blogs ago, I quizzed you on a word that turned out to have this definition:

腐れ縁 (くされえん: unhappy yet inseparable relation; fatal bonds)     ...

On Deck

Essay 1207 on 迎 (To Welcome) Is Coming Next

Here's what you can expect in coming weeks on Joy o' Kanji:

November 30: November newsletter!

December 4: essay...

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Now Out: Essay 2100 on 膝 (Knee) and 5 New-Monics

The 190th essay has posted! Essay 2100 on 膝 (knee; lap) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

See what a Buddhist priest and a mollusk have to do with kneecaps. Also learn what role the...

JOK Notebook

Watercress, Windows, and Wangari

I found a product title on Amazon Japan that made no sense to me:

家庭用 ハーブの水耕栽培キット 窓際族(窓辺でクレソン)

The first words were logical enough:

家庭用 (かていよう: for home use)
ハーブ (herb)
水耕栽培 (すいこうさいばい: hydroponics; aquaculture; water culture; tank farming)
キット (kit)...